Reports and User Switches General Information

? General Information
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 #  Cross Reference
 a  Memory Allocation
 b  Benchmarks Timing
 C  CSV File Output
 c  Complexity
 D  De-Character Mode
 d  Deterministic Mode
 E  Comments & Strings
 e  Estimation Factors
 F  File List Input Mode
 f  Function Analysis/FP
 H  HTML Output Mode
 h  Help Manual
 i  Inheritance Tree
 k  Keys for sorting
 l  Function Name List
 m  Macro Analysis
 N  Quality Notice Format
 n  Quality Notices
 O  Output to a File
 o  Object Class Analysis
 p  Printable Code Format
 R  Read File Options
 r  Recursive Input
 s  LOC Summary
 T  Totals Only
 u  User Log
 v  Verbose Metrics

Work File Differentials

XML File Output

Extended Options