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Processing source code metrics and quality analysis for C, C++, Java and C#

Project Report No. of Files eLOC
linux kernel metrics
Linux Kernel 2.6.17
Total Languages & LOC Report 15,995 4,142,481
firefox metrics
Total Languages & LOC Report 10,970 2,172,520
mysql metrics
MySQL 5.0.25
Total Languages & LOC Report 1973 894,768
php metrics
PHP 5.1.6
Total Languages & LOC Report 1316 479,892
apache metrics
Apache Http 2.0.x
Total Languages & LOC Report 275 89,967

Notes: RSM Metrics processing on version 6.92 using a 1.2 Ghz Pentium III Mobile Processor with 1 Gb RAM. Each report was run with the following switches and run from the RSM Wizard.

"C:\Program Files\MSquared\M2 RSM\rsm.exe" -H -O"D:\rsm\oss\metrics\Output\linux_2.6.17_total_metrics.htm" -b -S"Linux Kernel 2.6.17 Total Metrics" -Tf -Tl -TN -Tp -Ts -F"D:\rsm\oss\metrics\Input\linux_2.6.17_file_list.lst"

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