LOC Summary

LOC Summary

Report:  Summary Lines of Code Report
Option:  -s
Compatible Options: RSM Option Cross Reference
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -s *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -s *.h *.cpp > report.htm
Source:  C, C++, C# and Java
The summary report lists each filename and the LOC metrics for each file.   This mode is designed as a summary report and is not intended to be used with other reports.  All input modes File List (F), Recursive (r) and the standard named file or named wild card are acceptable.

Lines of Code, LOC is defined as those lines in a file that are not blank or sole comment lines.

Effective Lines of Code, eLOC, is defined as those lines in a file that are not blanks, sole comments or stand alone parenthesis or braces.  This metric best represents the quantity of work performed to create the source code document.

Logical Lines of Code, lLOC, is defined as those lines in a file that form a code statement by ending in a semicolon, where the for loop construct counts as 1 code statement.

Comment lines are those lines that contain a comment.  This includes lines that have both code and comments on the same physical line.  Logical lines in a file is defined as the sum of LOC, Comments and Blanks.  This metric may and should exceed the physical lines in a file where there are both comments and code on the same physical line.  You may use the -v mode to report logical lines in a file. The metric "Lines" in this report is defined as physical lines within the file.