Read File Options

Read File Options

Report:  Read File Processing Options (Changed Version 6.0)
Option:  -R
Option Parameters:  
-Rd  No Descent from the directory specified in the -r option
-Rl   List files to be processed
-Rn  File names are sorted alphabetically
Require Option: -r or -F or Direct File Input
Compatible Options: RSM Option Cross Reference
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Rd -Rl -Rn -r"h,cpp ."
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Rd -Rn -r"h,cpp ."
Source:  C, C++, C# and Java
RSM processes files from 1 of four modes:

1. Direct Files 
   rsm -fa -o /proj/src/file 
2. Wild Cards 
   rsm -fa -o /proj/src/*.cpp 
3. Recursive descent of a directory tree 
   rsm -fa -o -r"h,cpp /proj/src" 
4. Reading from a list of files or directories 
   rsm -fa -o -F"/proj/filelist.lst" 

The following options modify the way RSM processes the files to be analyzed. 

Generates a list of all files which will be processed in RSM operation. This list may be cut from the report to 
provide a project file inventory or used at a starting point for creating a file list to process. This option exits upon 
listing the files. 

By default no sorting of the file names is performed by RSM.  You can alphabetically sort the file by name using this option.  Header files will always be listed prior to implementation files but they will be in alphabetical order. 

This mode turn off recursive decent for a directory. This option does not apply to the recursive flag in the file list. See the file list section for more information.