Totals Only

Totals Only

Report:  Totals Only Mode
Option:  -T
Option Parameters:  

-Ta  Total Functions, Classes, Namespaces, Quality Notices, LOC
-Td  Total File Details Loc, Complexity, Function Points
-Tf   Total Functions, Classes Namespaces and Notices
-Ti   Inheritance Tree Only
-Tl   No Summaries of functions, classes etc., only totals
-TL  Total Language Summaries
-Tn  Total Quality Notices Summary by file and line number
-To  Total Classes, Interfaces, Namespaces
-Tp  Total Quality Profile, Summary by notice type
-Tq  Total Quality Notice Summary by file
-Ts  Total LOC Summary
-TN  No file names displayed
-Tw  Work File Differential Summary

Compatible Options:  RSM Option Cross Reference

rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ta *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ta *.java 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ta -TN *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ta -TN *.java 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Td *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Tf *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ti -TN *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -To *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Tn *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Tp *.h *.cpp 
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Ta -Tl -TN
*.h *.cpp
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -TL *.h *.cpp
rsm -H -O"report.htm" -Tw -w"x rm112819.99, rm012820.00" 

Source:  C, C++, C# and Java
The totals mode allows the user to display only the totals for a project (all files).  This mode produces summary lists of functions, classes, namespaces (C++), packages (Java), interfaces (Java) and Quality Notices.  There are option parameters to modify the content of the report.  The quality profile for the project is especially useful for determining the overall internal code quality.  This report can be used as acceptance criteria for contracted source code.

The -k option can sort the project lists by different keys.  The cyclomatic key sort is useful in identifying the most complex functions, classes or namespace/packages.  You may desire to turn off the lengthy list of file names for the project.  This can be accomplished by using the -TN option.