User Log

User Log

Report:  User Defined Options for Custom Files and Logs
Option:  -u

Option Parameters:
us   Show the current user log
-ua   Archive log/restart (Network License Only)
-u"File cfg rsm_user.cfg" User defined RSM configuration
-u"File xsl ./my_report.xsl" User defined XSL for a respective XML report
-ur   Remove user from current log (Network License Only)

Compatible Options:  None

RSM logs its operation into a log file called rsm.log.  This file is located at the license file location.  The user log is accessed each time RSM is run to monitor the compliance to the license agreement.  The following options allow for the maintenance of the user log.

The User Log Show option shows the contents of the user log.  The user log is objective evidence for who and how the tool was run.  This can be useful when assessing the tool usage and license commitment.  Once the rsm.log file is archived, the rsm.log file is named where mm is the month, dd is the day and yyyy is the year.  You can concatenate several log files together and have RSM report the user summary.

The tool administrator archives the rsm.log file each month.  The administrator would like the tool usage for the first quarter.  The user will save the current log file, concatenate the rsm log files to form a aggregate rsm.log file the use the -us option to show the contents of the aggregate log file.  The original log file will then be restored.

Windows Example:
  cd \rsm
  copy rsm.log rsm.bak
  copy rsmlog.01301999+rsmlog.02281999+rsmlog.03311999 rsm.log
  rsm -us > rsm1stQ.txt
  copy rsm.bak rsm.log

UNIX Example
  cd /usr/local/rsm
  cp rsm.log rsm.bak
  cat rsmlog.01301999 rsmlog.02281999 rsmlog.03311999 > rsm.log
  rsm -us > rsm1stQ.txt
  cp rsm.bak rsm.log

-u"File cfg /path/file.cfg"

-u"File cfg c:\myproject\my_config.cfg"
User defined RSM config file for the operation of RSM. This option is controlled by a setting in the master rsm.cfg file that is co-located with the rsm.lic file. When the following option is set to Yes, user may then use this parameter to use there own configuration for RSM.

(In rsm.cfg)
Enable user defined configuration files : Yes

rsm -u"File cfg c:\my project\rsm.cfg" -r h,cpp "c:\my project"

-u"File xsl /path/file.xsl"
-u"File xsl ./reports/td_report.xsl"
-u"File xsl c:\reports\xsl\td_report.xsl"

User defined XSL transformation file for a RSM XML report. This switch embedded the XSL specified into the XSL report to create a custom HTML Report from the XML/XSL transformation.

This option requires the -X output format and the creation of an XSL file for each -T report type

rsm -X -O"C:\test.xml" -Td -u"File XSL D:\tmp\Td_example_output.xsl" -F"C:\tmp\new_files.lst"

This assume you have created an XSL file D:\tmp\Td_example_output.xsl
Using your browser, open the xml file which will create a custom HTML file.
An XML tutorial can be found at:
An XSL tutorial can be found at:

When the number of rsm users exceeds the number of licensed users, rsm emits a user warning of this fact.  The tool administrator will have to remove a user from the user log.  The -ur option will allow Network users to remove users from the user log.  The user will be prompted to enter the License Number.  After the license number is validated, the user will be prompted for a temporal key.  This key is a random number which the user must retype into the program.  The purpose of the temporal key is to not allow this option to be run via a script.

The user log will grow over time.  As the user log get bigger the access time for the user log will increase.  The tool administrator may desire to archive the user log and restart logging.  The -ua option allows for the archival of the user log with a time stamp for the file extension.

rsm -us

Resource Standard Metrics - User Log
stuart Thu Jul 08 14:07:24 2013 -us
stuart Thu Jul 08 14:07:41 2013 -faoc c:\src\cpp\classtest.cpp
Number of Log Entries: 2
Number of RSM Users : 1

rsm -ur

User Log Administration - Remove User
Enter The License No: WN1381
Session Temporal Key: 26220
Enter Temporal Key : 26220
Enter User Log Name : stuart
Removed User stuart from RSM User Log

rsm -ua

User Log Administration - Archive User Log
Enter The License No: WN1381
Session Temporal Key: 26883
Enter Temporal Key : 26883
RSM User Log Archived to: C:\m2rsm\rsmlog.07081999