Work File Differentials

Work File Differentials

Report:  Work Files or Metrics Differentials
Option:  -w

Option Parameters:
-wb Show the basis for calculating work productivity
-w"create c:\baseline directory" Create files, workfile.dat and rm11222005.dat date format
-wD Deterministic mode when using -wd and -wc modes, shows line type and code.
-wd Differential code changes to the baseline in lieu of size metrics
-we Do not process equal files between the old and new baselines
-w"File dat myworkfile.dat" User specified work file
-w"File cfg mydiff.cfg" User defined differential configuration
-wg Show the glossary for the report
-wm Do not process modified files between old and new baselines
-wn Do not process new files between the old and new baselines
-wp Show Work Productivity Estimates
-wr Do not process removed files between the old and new baselines
-ws Show detailed code differentials between baselines
-wv Verbose file names when using -wc and -wd

-wW Deprecated as of RSM Version 6.52, Use -wx for differentials
-w"x old.dat, new.dat" Extract work differential between two work files

Compatible Options:  RSM Option Cross Reference
Scripts for Baseline Differentials
Source:  C, C++, C# and Java

Example Reports
Metrics Differentials Based on Code Size
(rsm -H -O"size_differentials.htm" -w"x baseline_1.dat, baseline_2.dat")

Metrics Differentials Based on Code Line Differences
(rsm -H -O"code_differentials.htm" -wd -w"x baseline_1.dat, baseline_2.dat")

Detailed Code Differentials
(rsm -H -O"detailed_differentials.htm" -ws -wg -wd -w"x baseline_1.dat, baseline_2.dat")

RSM can perform a source code metrics differential analysis between two dated baselines.  The -w"create ..." mode creates a file which contains each file and its LOC metrics by the date of the -w processing.  This mode creates a file by a name in the form of  rmMMDDCCYY.dat where MM is the month, DD the day, CC the century and YY is the year.

Work files may be generated using source code change differentials. This is accomplished by using the -wd mode when creating the work files. This mode characterizes each source code file and store this information in a directory with the work file. All reports are changed to a differential mode expressing code change versus the default RSM reports showing net size metrics change of the baseline.

When this mode completes, the work file is copied to a file called workfile.dat.   You may also use the -wx option to extract baseline differentials between two work files. Work file extraction reports the baseline differential expressing code change if the -wd mode is used with the -w"create ..." and -w"x ..." options.

Show on the report the numeric factors used to calculate the productivity metrics.

-w"create c:\baseline directory"  
Creates the work files named workfile.dat and a date formatted file named rm11222001.dat for the date 11-22-2001. The baseline root directory must be stated so that RSM can relate all files to this baseline. This is an absolute path, not a relative path, to the top directory of your code tree.

Deterministic mode for differentials showing the format of the code differential file when using -w"create ...".

Perform individual file differentials for lines of code metrics. The normal baseline metrics comparison mode shows a file is modified when a net change in LOC size is made to the size of the file in LOC. This switch identifies lines in a file that have changed from one source file to another. This mode create a differential file for each source file whereby being time and space intensive. A modified file will show lines that have been added, delete and modified. Each differential file name is shown using the -wv option. This option is used with -w"create ..." and -w"x ...".

This parameter causes RSM to not process equal files between the old and new baselines.

-w"File dat usernamedfile.dat"
This option allows the user to specify the name of the generated work file. The date formated file is replaced by the user specifed file.

i.e. rsm -w"create c:\project" -w"File dat c:\project\mywork.dat" -r"h,cpp,java c:\project"

-w"File cfg user_work_config.dat"
This option allows the user to specify a configuration file for the baseline metrics differential report. This report is controlled by the file rsm_workdiff.cfg or a user specified file. The following link will take you to a typical baseline metrics differential file user_work_config.cfg.

i.e. rsm -w"File cfg c:\project\user_work_config.cfg" -w"x rm07022002.dat, rm08232002.dat"

This parameter causes RSM to not process modified files between the old and new baselines.

This parameter causes RSM to not process new files between the old and new baselines.

Report the productivity of the programmers based on the metrics differential between baselines and the time differential between the two files work .dat files.


This parameter causes RSM to not process removed files between the old and new baselines.

Show code differential details for each file showing line number, removed or modified, and line type.

Verbose mode for metrics differential file names when using -wd and -wc.

-w"x older_workfile.dat, newer_workfile.dat"
Work Analysis Extraction from Work Analysis Files.  This mode extracts the work analysis differential between two work analysis files. These work analysis files must be based on the same code tree. The reported metrics will show LOC information based upon the time differential between these two files.

i.e. rsm -w"x <ancestor file>, <current file>"
rsm -H -O"diff.htm" -w"x baseline1.dat, baseline2.dat"
rsm -A -O"diff.csv" -w"x rm11101997.dat, rm11141997.dat"