XML File Output

XML File Output

Report:  XML output format, with XSL optional translation
Option:  -X
Compound Options:

-X -Ta Total Functions, Classes, Namespaces, Quality Notices, LOC (xsd, dtd)
-X -Td Total Details of Files, sorted by -k options (xsd, dtd)
-X -Tf Total Functions, Classes Namespaces and Notices (xsd, dtd)
-X -Ti Inheritance Tree Only (xsd, dtd)
-X -Tl No Summaries of functions, classes etc., only totals
-X -Tn Total Quality Notices Summary by file and line number (xsd, dtd)
-X -To Total Classes, Interfaces, Namespaces (xsd, dtd)
-X -Tp Total Quality Profile, Summary by notice type (xsd, dtd)
-X -Tq Total Quality Notice Summary by file (xsd, dtd)
-X -Ts Total LOC Summary (xsd, dtd)
-X -TN No file names displayed
-X -TN No file names displayed
-X -Tv Total Verbose Metrics of project (xsd, dtd)
-X -Tw Work File Differential Summary (xsd, dtd)
-X -w"x workfile.old, workfile.new"   Work file extraction (xsd, dtd)

XML Schemas and DTDs
The DTDs and XSDs provided above have ben generated from the associated XML report. As XML reports can be context sensitive based on the source code content, these schemas may not match your XML reports. They are provided as a convenience for creating XSL transformations. Simply right click on a link in your browser and "save link as". Tools like XMLSpy can generate DTDs and XSDs from XML reports.

Optional XSL Translation
Create a custom XSL file to match your report switch output for the creation of custom HTML Reports
-u"File XSL /path/project/some_file.xsl"

An XML tutorial can be found at: http://www.w3schools.com/xml/default.asp
An XSL tutorial can be found at: http://www.w3schools.com/xsl/xsl_languages.asp
Example XML -Td Report
Example XML XSL File for -Td Reports
Example of XML translates with XSL

Compatible Options: RSM Option Cross Reference

rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_summary.xml" -Ta -Tl -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_file_detail.xml" -Td -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_file_detail_xsl.xml" -Td -TN -u"File XSL ./Td_example_output.xsl" *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_func.xml" -Tf -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_inherit.xml" -Ti -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_prog_lang.xml" -TL -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_quality.xml" -TL -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_objects.xml" -To -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_quality_profile.xml" -Tp -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_quality_notice_summary.xml" -Tq -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_loc_summary.xml" -Ts -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_total_verbose.xml" -Ts -TN *.h *.cpp
rsm -X -O"rsm_xml_baseline_differential.xml" -TN -w"x rm112819.99, rm012820.00"

Source:  C, C++, C# and Java
A report generated in XML output format is designed for parsing or translation by XML technologies. XML output is ideal for XSL translation into customized output formats such as input for corporate metrics tools or custom web HTML reports.