M2 Resource Standard Metrics™ Version 7.75
Windows, Linux and UNIX
Source Code Metrics and Analysis for C, C++, C# and Java
Metrics Generation Engine for the Wizard
  M2 RSM Wizard - A GUI Interface Version 7.70
Free RSM Add-On
Windows Graphical User Interface
Works with Windows Resource Standard Metrics Version 6.50+
  M2 RegX (Free) Version 3.0
Windows Application
Perl Compatible regular expression tool.
Great for learning RegEx or developing RSM User Defined Source Code Quality Notices
  M2 Launcher (Free) Version 2.11
Windows Application
Launch a program or batch file at a specified time or day of the week
  m2 photo show M2 Photo Show (Free) Version 1.0
PHP Web Server application for a simple photo gallery
Easy to setup, no database required
  M2 Information (Free) Version 2.13
Windows Application
Determine your system information, Ideal for Technical Support
  M2 Calendar (Free) Version 1.0
Windows Application
Simple Tool Tray Calendar to Avoid the System Date/Time Dialog